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Ashley Simmons, 9 months 1 day ago

Online ESL tutor- working from home. 

ALO7 English is hiring for new class sessions starting in November. Sessions are typically done in 40 week increments giving the tutor a more stable schedule.

Here are some pros and cons to consider.


1. No commute! Work completely from home.

2. Flexible schedule. Must be able to work for at least 6 hours per week during peak teaching hours in China 6-9pm BJT. However additional peak hours may soon be available. 

3. Decent part time income.



1. Getting up early to teach during peak hours BJT.

2. Scheduling ebbs and flows during festivals and Chinese New Year. 


1. Do I need a degree?

Answer: Yes. ALO7 requires tutors to have 4 year degrees. No particular major required though. Associate degrees are also accepted.

2. Is TESOL , CELTA, or TEFL certificate required? 

Answer: Yes

3. Can tutors be from anywhere in the world?

Answer: Yes 

4. What is the minimum internet speed required?

Answer: 4Mbps/ 8Mbps (up/down) on the Shanghai server and on the Ping less than it equal to 100.

5. what is the minimum hours per week or month?

Answer: 6hrs per week minimum.

6. What is the pay rate?

Answer: $15/hr with a 5% bonus if you have perfect attendance. 10% if you have perfect attendance and you teach over 50 classes per month. 13.3% if you teach over 500 classes per year. There are also bonuses available for quality teaching based on your internal QR score and for stability. Stability means teaching the same students each week for the duration of 12 weeks. These bonuses range from 3.5- 7%. Ultimately you can earn anywhere between  $15-$22 an hour.

7. Are students adults or kids? 

Answer: the students are kids between the ages of 3-18 years old. 

8. How do I apply?

Answer: Apply a

9. How do I get paid?

Answer: payments are for  through VEEM and or PayPal




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Kyla Mata, 9 months 1 day ago

This looks very interesting! Is this something someone can do full time?

Ashley Simmons, 9 months 1 day ago

Hi Kyla! All applicants are recommended to tutor a minimum of 12 classes (6 hours) per week during peak tutoring hours. You are also welcome to tutor as many hours as you can during peak time and non peak time. 

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